Did Science Really Cure the First Case of HIV (aka AIDS)?
By Brent W. Leung -- Monday, February 07, 2011
Original Publication: http://www.naturalnews.com/031232_HIV_cure.html

(NaturalNews) "The first and only person ever to be cured of HIV/AIDS is a leukemia patient treated in Berlin with HIV-resistant stem cells." This statement by Daniel J. DeNoon from WebMD comes in response to a paper published this month by the American Society of Hematology on an individual named Timothy Brown who was allegedly cured of HIV infection.

But was he the first to be cured of HIV?

In the 1990s, boxing heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison tested positive for HIV, according to the screening and confirmatory tests he took. He also sustained a viral load and maintained an antiretroviral regimen for a period of time. In 2007 he tested negative for HIV multiple times and was allowed to return to the ring.

Then a few years ago in South Africa, I spoke with doctors whose patients tested positive, but after taking natural medications for their HIV infection they then tested negative.

The multiple cases above are not isolated, as there is much testimony documented regarding scenarios where people who tested positive were later found to be negative. These instances beg the question of whether these individuals were cured of HIV. An equally important question is: were they ever even infected with HIV in the first place?

As shown in the film House of Numbers and in additional interviews taken for the film, the issues with HIV testing are enormous.

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Before we can state that someone has been cured of HIV, I would like to see the scientific community come to a consensus on criteria for testing whether someone is infected with HIV. It is not plausible to determine if someone is cured unless it is proven that they are infected in the first place.

Another question that should be posed is why so much attention is being paid around the new study published by the American Society of Hematology when Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Laureate for discovering HIV, has already testified that it is possible for HIV to be cured naturally, without drugs.

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Intrigued by this study, I sent an inquiry to establishment scientists and  for a comment. The Perth Group provided a brief response with a commitment to providing a full breakdown and response of the paper. The Perth Group writes:

"In the Subjects, Materials, and Methods Subjects section of this paper one reads: In February 2007, an HIV-infected patient underwent stem cell transplantation (SCT) due to a relapse of AML with a graft consisting of CCR5A32/A32 donor cells. The pre-transplant conditioning regimen included 100 mg/m2 of amsacrine, 30 mg/m2 of fludarabine, 2 g/m2 of cytarabine (day -12 until -9), 60 mg/kg of cyclophosphamide (days -4 and -3), 5.5 mg/kg of rabbit antithymocyte globuline (in three doses between day -3 and -1), and a 400 cGy total body irradiation (TBI; day -5). ART was discontinued on the day of transplantation, and 13 months later the patient received a second transplant with CCR5A32/A32 stem cells from the same donor due to a second relapse of AML. The conditioning regimen consisted of 100 mg/m2 of cytarabine (day -7 until day -1), 6 mg/m2 of gemtuzumab (day -7 and day -1), and a 200 cGy TBI (day -1)... Twelve months post-transplant, the patient underwent liver biopsy and histological examination confirmed GvHD grade I that was controlled with adaption of immunosuppressive therapy (cyclosporine A, methylprednisolone, mycophenolate mofetil)."

In other words, this particular patient received two transplants of foreign white blood cells, eight different drugs, anti-lymphocyte serum, and body irradiation, and had other drugs in the form of antiretroviral therapy, discontinued.

According to the title, all of this led to 'CURE OF HIV INFECTION BY CCR5A32/A32 SCT.' The administration of CCR5A32/A32 SCT constitutes only one part of a much larger experiment involving multiple drug and other therapies. All of these must be regarded as separate experiments, making it impossible to know exactly what 'cured the HIV infection.' If someone with hypertension is given multiple therapies, including non-pharmacological therapies, and blood pressure returns to normal, how can anyone say which treatment was responsible?

However, in order for the findings of the study to even have a valid platform for discussion, there must first be evidence that HIV exists. Until then, the question of whether someone can be cured of AIDS is moot.

Visit www.houseofnumbers.com to learn more about the HIV debate.


[SuzanneS] Read Roger's Recovery from AIDS by Bob Owen. It's amazing, yet he never had HIV, only AIDS because it was a lifestyle disease that had nothing to do with sex, only drugs. HIV really is just a hitchhiker.

[carlos perez]  I'm not sure who Brent Leung is, maybe he's associated with House of Numbers which is a very good documentary. But he needs to stop saying HIV aka AIDS as he states in the title of this article. All conspiracy theories about HIV and AIDS aside...they ARE NOT the same thing. You get HIV first and maybe maybe maybe you develop AIDS years or sometime later. It's not the same.
carlos perez

[Brent Leung] Hi Carlos, I must say I agree with you completely. Merging the words HIV and AIDS into a single word, HIV/AIDS is a complete misrepresentation giving the false impression they have the same meaning or represent the same thing. Unfortunately this hybrid is pervasive and causes a lot of confusion. The article above starts out with a quote from WebMD, “The first and only person ever to be cured of HIV/AIDS is a leukemia...” Even here, in an article by a medical journalist which was also reviewed by a Louise Chang, MD we see HIV/ADS being joined together as one word. This is why in the title I separated the two words, but noted that people freely swap them out as though they both mean the same thing. Following the title, I dropped the word AIDS and only focused on HIV. Your comment has inspired me to attempt a piece on the evolution of these two words which I must say is very fascinating.